submerged universe
coral deserts
Submerged universe The human being has the strange capacity to face sideways when something annoyed him. If something gets over us, we close the eyes and think that it hasn't happened. We are in 2080 and the poles are thawing. The Arctic is nearly to disappear and the draw that we knew of the earth has changed in mere few decades. The effects that are befalling at the north pole of our planet are a reality that seemingly hasn´t reversed. But beyond of that our eyes can observe, that we can touch and now admit, exists an unknown world that also is has been affected by the man´s action. “At sea, hundreds of species and ecosystems have been disappeared. There, the life runs its course and try to adapt to this fast planet metamorphosis. The sea has a huge regenerating power, ... although for this, of course, needs that the human being gives it an opportunity. The man has arrived to the space, has wanted discovered planets and galaxies, but he has destroyed that it he has have near and that he could have actually saved... our Submerged Universe.