ocean`s keepers
ghosts of the night
steel giants
seeds for the oceans
SEEDS FOR THE OCEANS 4500 billions of years ago, the oceans took up their place in the Earth, extending their selves up to 70% of the surface of the planet. Despite of being the origin of life, its splendour and capacity of regeneration, our seas are decimated by humans every day, with no one becoming aware of this disaster. "Seeds for the oceans" is a fascinating project of creation of artificial reefs in spoiled ecosystems, formed by a group of experts trying to regenerate underwater life. Contamination, massive fishing and uncontrolled consumption have caused an alarming degradation of marine life and destruction of the majority of natural reefs of the planet. Shipwrecks become an artificial habitat made by men in non intentioned way. That is why, this group of scientists, divers and, above all, protectors of the sea, propose a remarkable and impressive method in order to regenerate the sea in a sustainable and respectful way for the environment, sinking a ship.