RIVIERA MAYA. MEXICO The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is one of the most important diving spots in the world. The outside air temperature is pleasant all year round, with minimum temperatures of 13°C and maximums of 32°, and the variety of diving on offer, make the Mayan Riviera one of the most visited scuba diving destinations. The bottom of the underground pools are sandy and signs of life are not its main attraction. The magic of diving in one of these pools comes from other things, such as its visibility, which is best than you can experience due to the lack of substratum, life and other elements that can cloud visibility. Therefore, you experience the greatest sensation of weightlessness. In addition, diving in caves includes incredible landscapes and each and every corner of their deep pools is covered with stalactites and stalagmites. Finally, you will also experience a very rare natural phenomenon, known as haloclines, which is the mixture of salt water with fresh water, creating an oily cloud there, and when the sun shines on the water, incredible images are created.