PORTOBELO with 2 Oceans Divers There are still places in the world where one can enjoy Portobelo's relaxing, far from the regular tourist traps. Here, the great advantage is the ability to find, far from the madding crowd, a quality diving center which can offer us its services. It's called "2 Oceans Divers", the best bet for diving in these waters. With the diving center facilities right there at the hotel, deep sea diving becomes simple and fast. Having everything you need so close to your hotel room is an advantage that the diver will come across in very few parts of the world. The distances from the port to the diving points are quite short, with most of them less than 20 minutes away, allowing for various divings in a single morning and a return to the comfort and convenience of the resort between immersions for a little relaxation or to be replenished by its delicious food. The guides are professional and have many years of experience and an detailed knowledge of the area, including the best immersion points.


(+50) 739 94 781