pernambuco. brazil In the Atlantic Ocean, north of South America and located to the northeast of Brazil is Pernambuco. It is one of the Brazilian states that has become most populated in recent years, due to two dive sites there that have sparked much interest. Thus in the area of Recife sandy bottoms predominate, full of shipwrecks that in turn have been constituted as artificial reefs that harbor as much life as many natural ones. Varied banks of fish, turtles or even sharks have turned these wrecks into their homes. On the other hand Fernando de Noronha counts on the varied volcanic funds of its 21 islands. It is divided by the Sea of "Inside" and protected from the wind creating calmer waters. The "Fora", with more currents but transparent waters, presents a true "Noah's Ark subaquatic" in which we will always find a pair of specimens of almost any species.