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"Submerged Universe" is an underwater journey in which we accompany the different species that inhabit our oceans; to understand as much as their habits and routines as the many problems that they are facing in the 21st century.

According to different studies, the melting of the Arctic is occurring in such an accelerated way that in 2080, the world globe, as we currently know it will be drawn in a much different form.

However, despite of the irreversible effects that this entails, the sea has a huge regeneration power. Even though we must give it an opportunity, it needs that we help to resolve the problems, which the marine fauna is confronting.

Within this documentary series composed of 13 documentaries, addresses 11 problems which our seas are suffering from and therefore, the sea life too.

Furthermore, we put the spectator in front of rather than the hypothetical possibility of a world where part of the terrestrial surface has been disappeared by the melting and where our seas are a distant memory of years go by.

In spite of everything, "Submerged Universe" is grown from a positive point of view in which the human being is still on time of becoming aware and acting for, and reversing this situation, to try to stop and minimise its effects.

Showing the beauty of the daily habits of our sea´s inhabitants, we hope that the spectator empathises with them and understands the necessity of preserving the Ocean.

Years of contamination, fishing overexploitation and others unsustainable practices had been conducted the sea on the verge of collapse. Bit by bit the humanity is becoming aware. But for some of the planet´s inhabitants, could be too late.

All species, whether big and strong, small and delicate, all of them fall prey to imposing prisons. Despite their innocence, glass traps their stolen lives. "Glass prisons" show us some reasons because of we mustn't enclose beings that should live in freedom. In the underwater world, barriers don´t exist.

The massive use of this non-degradable material and the small wastes that it generates, reduce the natural environments. These, be consumed by the majority of the marine and terrestrial species. Containers, bags, bottles... they end up in the sea or close to the coast carried by the waves. "Plastic sea" shows how almost all species ending to consume this material.

Inanimate and artificial objects come from commercial giants. They share home with the most fragile beings, snitch on those interested in go unnoticed and decorate in an artificial way the seabed. "Sponsored seas" show how in the depths, the stuff´s wastes of the man´s daily life, lie at the bottom sea like motionless companions.

Lives transformed into toys for a few, exhibited and exploited for commercial use. Bit by bit we get an improvement, a collective conscience must be created. "Broken toys” narrates the small stories of those affected members.

Idyllic places are disappearing. Colours and shapes that drawing the reefs that are passing away slowly due to the global warming. The water´s temperature rise ends with the most beautiful sea bottoms. The coral formations decorate the homes of a myriad of marine species. Some of these species depend on them directly, providing feed and refuge.

The sharks are magnificent creatures and one of the most fascinating animals that inhabit the Ocean. They are owners of the reefs, hunters hunted and harmless dwellers of the seas. They, reign in the Ocean. "Pelagic soup" invites us to meet them a little bit, showing the beauty of these animals, which face to an all-out hunt.

The species that aren´t getting prosper due to some fishing harmful arts are too many. Luckily, the sustainable fishing and the seasonal regulation by species, make that some ecosystems are recovered. "Dynamiting refuges" immerses us in the everyday nature of these species increasingly corralled.

Treat wildlife animals like they are mere pets, can be an unforgettable experience. The practice of feeding some predators in their natural environment to can observe them closely it has extended among the divers and tourists.

Improving the infrastructures and transport methods is a necessity for human beings. Make them in a sustainable and respectful way with the nature is still an outstanding issue. In "Industrial giants" we show those sea ecosystems that yet are far away of man´s hands and that reflect a wonderful world that we are on the verge of lost it.

The water contamination in the more closed zones like lakes and inside seas, it has become a big problem in the long extensions over the world. "Excess of nutrients" presents this problem through of the species that are affected by these changes in the water where they live.

Not let grow enough the different species or capture them en masse, make that most of the protagonists of the plates considered delicacies disappear. "Bulk delicacies" show the kindly face that the animals that get this so fateful destiny.

The human being is called to live with the nature in harmony. Care for it and respect it in order to can enjoy it and the beings that still inhabits it, is in our hands. "A positive view" moves us to the places that in many occasions are created by chance or tragedy, but generate a quantity of a fascinating life.

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