Gran Angular


Underwater, there exists a community of spectacular animals more diverse than we can imagine. There are creatures who change colours to suit the seafloor or their mood. Some imitate shapes for defence or camouflage. Others are impossibly tiny or possess powerful poisons.

All are adapted to environment in which they live, appearing part of it. Every being will captivate and surprise us. Each is a strange creature hidden in the Batangas Sea.

Scuba divers and biologist all over the word visit Anilao. This stronghold of paradise is found off of the great island of Luzon and hides one of the most bio diverse marine areas of our oceans. In this magical place in the Philippines, we discover astonishing creatures, hosts of a small, separate world. Their behaviours, and above all else, their aspect, seem to come from a distant universe.

"Strange Creatures" is a fascinating journey that brings the human eye closer to the habits, hunting techniques, and survival methods of these incredible animals.

Gazing in the sand, hiding among the rock formations. Curious and alert eyes guard the reef. Meanwhile, his enemy and predator, lets himself be guide and cradled by the current that drives him to his objective. Suddenly, a fast movement, a cloud of sand cover the bottom, later ... darknessā€¦
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