ANDAMAN SEA. TAILANDIA The section of the Indian Ocean known as the Andaman Sea is located to the west Thailand. With a surface area of around 800.00 km2 and an average depth of 850 metres, it is one of the places that offers the greatest amount of underwater life in the world. This is where Phuket, known as the pearl of the south, is located. It's a paradise for tourists looking for places just asking to be photographed. In Phuket, there are really well known beaches such as Patong or Rawai. However, the greatest attraction in this sea. Towards the south, tourists find emerald-coloured waters and solid and spectacular karst landscapes and famous islands such us Phi Phi. Towards the north, there is one of the most protected parks by the Thai government. There are the Similian Islands, which comes from the Thai word "sembilan", meaning "9", which is the number of islets that make up the small group of islands.